Learn everything from tuning your guitar and playing basic chords, to wicked fast picking styles and advanced sweep arpeggios!

  • Develop hand strength and coordination
  • Learn about amps, effects, and equiptment
  • All ages encouraged
  • Beginner, intermediate, and advanced

Who is Shredder Steve?

I am the lead guitarist for Aveus. I am 17 years old and have been playing guitar for 3 years. I am part of The Napa Musicians Performance Guild, and The After School of Rock. I have been performing live with Aveus and other musicians for the past year.

What's new?

We are proud to anounce the addition of Christopher Paulson to our band! Chris plays rythm guitars and is only 14 years old. Also Aveus is the new name of our band, formerly Knights of Havok.

Why take guitar lessons from me?

I have experience with professional musicians through The Napa Musicians Performance Guild. I have experience teaching through The After School of Rock. I also teach swim lessons to kids and adults. I have been performing live in front of both public and private parties with different musicians for the past year. And what I think is the best reason, I am a student myself.

Tip of the Month

Practicing fast licks or even slow licks on a clean channel will increase your accuracy. Sometimes a guitarist will hide behind and overload of distortion. If you practice on a clean channel, its easier to make out exactly what your playing, increasing your awarness of timing and accuracy! Once you master the lick on a clean channel, then throw on some distortion and let it fly!